ENG 111—Fall 2011
Professor Goldstein
Documented Argument
Draft Due: November 13th (Peer Review and turn in a copy on Blackboard)
Final Due: December 2nd (Last Day of Class—due by Midnight on Blackboard)
--Title (no title page), MLA heading/page number format
--7-8 pages, double-spaced (not including Works Cited)
--Works Cited page
--6-8 sources
*sources can/should include a mix of articles found through library databases, reputable
websites, documentary films, interviews, one interview (conducted by you), news
articles, etc..
*you should use both summary and direct quotes in the essay
--use other media (pictures, links, etc..) where appropriate
--your thesis must be an argument
--you must address the opposition (opposing viewpoint(s) ) in the essay and defend
his/her position with supporting evidence
Style issues to keep in mind:
--Generally, you won’t use the first person “I” in the DA, unless you use a short narrative
in the introduction or as anecdotal evidence to support your points. You are not trying to
present your opinion, but rather argue for what you believe evidence supports. In your
revisions, try to eliminate instances of “I believe,” “I think,” “I feel,” etc…
This might sound like a simple suggestion, but avoid using multiple block quotes, as
well as long, unbroken paragraphs (you shouldn’t have one paragraph that takes up an
entire page—it becomes difficult for the reader to process).
Other information:
--If I do not receive your DA draft with Works Cited page on 11/13, or any other required
assignments between 11/1 and 12/1, I will not grade your final draft. It is necessary for
me to see your writing process through the duration of the Documented Argument. If
you run into problems with your research, organization, or any aspect of your writing, let
me know right away so we can work together to keep you on track.