 Know the heredity vocabulary for Chapter 3 Section 1&2.
 Be able to solve punnett square problems and be able to
identify the percentage of offspring that have a particular
genotype or phenotype. These problems will be very similar
to the Bikini Bottom Genetics problems we did in class.
 Know who is known as the father of genetics and why.
 Know how capital and lowercase letters represent dominant
and recessive alleles.
 According to Mixed-Up Species, what would happen if a
species were unable to reproduce?
 According to Mixed-Up Species, how might the development
of new “hybrid” species challenge the traditional definition of
the word species?
 There will be some general questions from the Bill Nye video
on Friday.
Resources to help you study
 Heredity Vocabulary Worksheet (#14 in binder)
 3.1 Guided Reading (#15 in binder)
 3.2 Guided Reading (#16 in binder)
 Mixed-Up Species Article and Questions (#17 & 18 in binder)
 Bikini Bottom Genetics Worksheets (#19 & 20 in binder)

heredity quiz study guide