Map Skills Study Guide (Test Friday)

Map Skills Study Guide
 Seven continents (be able to locate on a world map): Africa,
Antarctica, Asia (largest), Australia (smallest), Europe, North
America, South America
 Four Oceans (be able to locate on a world map): Arctic,
Atlantic, Indian, Pacific
 Hemispheres: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western
 Latitude: imaginary horizontal lines (parallel) on a grid map
 Longitude: imaginary vertical lines (not parallel) on a grid map
 Coordinates: combination of 2 numbers that show an exact
location on a map using latitude and longitude (15 N, 75 W)
Latitude always comes first.
 Equator: imaginary latitude line that divides the earth into
Northern and Southern Hemispheres (0 degrees latitude)
 Prime Meridian: imaginary longitude line that divides the earth
into Eastern and Western Hemispheres (0 degrees longitude)
 Compass rose: a symbol showing directions
 Cardinal Directions: N, S, E, W
 Intermediate Directions; NE, SE, NW, SW
 Globe-spherical world map that usually spins
 Maps: grid map-shows lat. & long. Lines, product map- show
products/resources found in that area on a map, transportation
map-shows highways to different places, political map-show
cities and capitals, physical map- shows land forms/types of
 Scale: tool on a map that helps you measure distance-similar
to a ruler
 Key/Legend- shows symbols and what they stand for on a map