Mapping Test

8R review sheet – mapping
These are the things that you need to know to do well on your unit test.
Know how to interpret a time zone map for the United States
As you travel west – time is less
As you travel east – time increase
Know how to state the latitude and longitude of a point on a model Earth:
5. Know your latitude and longitude lines:
6. Places that have the same longitude have the same solar time (time of day)
7. Describe the characteristics of latitude and longitude lines.
8. What determines the length of a day?
9. What determines the length of a year?
10.Why does the sun appear to move from East to West across the sky?
11.How many time zones are there in the world?
12.How many time zones are there in the continental US?
13.What two hemispheres is NY located in?
14.What direction do time zones “run”?
15.Time depends on the Earth’s rotation.
16.What town does the Prime Meridian run through?
17.Coordinates are two sets of degrees and cardinal directions: 45 °N, 75 °W
18.Determine the scale distance to a city .
19.Review all of the handouts given in class and for HW.
20.Plot a location on a given map.