1. explains the lines, symbols, and colors used on a map

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Geography Handbook
1. explains the lines, symbols, and colors used on a map
5. Element 2:
Places ___ regions:
6. ___maps: show specific topics in detail
8. Goode’s Interrupted Equal Area Projection: shows ___close to their true shapes and sizes
9. ___ Projection: shows true direction and accurate land shapes, but does not accurately
show size or distance
10. ___ Purpose Maps: show a wide range of general information about an area
13. an imaginary line that follows the curve of the earth
17. locates places using coordinates broadcast by satellites
18. line of latitude that circles the middle of the earth.
19. ___ Maps: show names and boundaries of countries
20. measuring line
23. a round scale model of the earth
24. Element 4: ____ Systems: how people have shaped the world
27. united by one or more common characteristic
29. imaginary line running from North to South. Divides Earth into E & W hemisphere
30. Element 6The uses of geography: ___over time
2. Element 3: ___systems: hurricanes, volcanoes, glaciers, earthquakes; biosystems
3. Element 1: The world in ___ terms: location
4. another word for latitude
5. the precise spot where one line of latitude crosses one line of longitude
7. mapmaker
11. Element 5: ___ and society: people and their surroundings
12. ___ projection: has distortion at the poles
14. great circle ___ travelling along a great circle
15. describes human and physical characteristics
16. circles the earth parallel to the Equator
21. circles the earth from pole to pole
22. ___ Maps: shows elevation
23. layers map data from satellite images, printed text, and statistics
24. “half sphere”
25. flat drawing of all or part of the earth’s surface
26. symbol that tells where the cardinal directions are
28. another word for longitude