Chap 15-Nervous Tissue Histology

BIOL 105
Chap 15-Nervous Tissue Histology Crossword
Prof. Keating
1 slightly enlarged cell body structure from which the axon begins in motor neurons
2 axon ends
3 bundles of axons located in the CNS
4 neuroglial cell which forms the myelin sheath in the CNS
8 another name for any neuron carrying impulses from sensory receptors
10 connective tissue sheath which surrounds groups of axons to form fascicles
12 type of nerve fiber covered with a fatty material
13 functional unit of nervous tissue
14 also called glial cells; serve neurons by bracing and protecting them, control the chemical environment around the
16 gap or indentation in the myelin sheath
1 branches of the axon
5 another name for any neuron carrying motor impulses from the CNS to viscera or muscles and glands
6 neuron receptive regions that have receptors for neurotransmitters released by the axon terminals of other neurons
7 cytoskeletal element which provides support for cell and a mechanism to transport substances throughout the
9 white fibrous connective tissue sheath which binds all the fascicles
11 delicate connective tissue sheath surrounding each nerve axon
15 also called nerve fibers; form the impulse generating and conducting region of the neuron
BIOL 105
Chap 15-Nervous Tissue Histology Crossword
Prof. Keating