Neuron assignment: 9/3/14

How neurons work – using Interactive sites
1) Make a Mad Neuron! This is a fun way to review what you know.
2) How neurons talk to each other
a) Explain the “lock and key” mechanism that happens at the receptor sites. (What is
similar to a lock and key? How is it similar?)
b) What does dopamine’s “second messenger” do? (Be sure to click the + sign here.)
c) What does reuptake do?
d) Explain the two ways that neural impulses stop. (Be sure to define the word
e) When would you want a neuron to stop firing? (Hint: think about cardiac muscle
– what would happen if those neurons kept firing and the muscle kept contracting
without relaxing?)
3) Why are myelinated neurons faster than unmyelinated ones?
a) Compare the two animations about halfway down the page. Why is the
myelinated axon (that is, an axon with a myelin sheath) faster than they
unmyelinated axons?
4) Myelin sheaths and MS:
Watch the video, then answer:
a) What is MS?
b) Explain what multiple sclerosis does to the myelin sheaths.
c) People with MS may experience problems with coordination, clumsiness and
tremors. How do you think the damage to the myelin sheaths leads to these
--------------------Summary: in 3-4 sentences, write what you learned about how neurons fire today.