Independence Test Review


US History I Mr. Grundfest 2.

NAME______________________________________ Independence Test Review

TRUE/FALSE Write T for each statement that


true and F for each statement that is false on your answer sheet.


______ Colonial merchants signed writs of assistance, promising not to buy or import British goods. ______ The Proclamation of 1763 said that colonists could NOT settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. 3.

______ The Stamp Act Congress was called because the colonists liked the Stamp Act. 4.

_____ Thomas Jefferson was the major author of the Declaration of Independence. 5.

______ At the Second Continental Congress, Samuel Adams of Massachusetts said we should negotiate with the British. 6.

______ Thomas Paine urged the colonists to revolution in his pamphlet

Common Sense.


______ In the film, British soldiers formed circles and shot at Colonial soldiers as they approached 8.

______ The purpose of the Boston Committee of Correspondence was to keep the rest of Massachusetts -and "the World"-- informed of events in the city. 9.

______ One of the sections of the Declaration of Independence is a list of complaints against King George III. 10.

______ The Declaration of Independence argues that the colonists were fighting for “light and transient causes.”

Know the answers to the following questions.


What roles did Patriot and Loyalist women play in the Revolutionary War? 12.

What tactics did the Americans use to defeat the British in the South? 13.

While delegates to the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Army, how did they avoid a complete break with Britain?


Why did the British pass the Intolerable Acts? 15.

Why did the British government pass the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act? 16.

Who were The Sons of Liberty? 17.

What were the provisions of The Treaty of Paris? 18.

Which British Act led to the Boston Tea Party? 19.

What were the major causes of the problems faced by the Continental Army? 20.

What did the First Continental Congress accomplish 21.

What was the main colonial objection to the Tea Act? 22.

Which battles did the Americans LOSE? Which did they WIN? 23.

What methods did colonists use to protest "taxation without representation?" 24.

What were some consequences of the Revolutionary War? 25.

Where was the "shot heard round the world" fired?


What arguments did The Declaration of Independence use to justify America's break from Britain? 27.

What caused The Boston Massacre? 28.

Why did so many colonists and politicians respect George Washington? 29.

What were the results of the American victory at Saratoga? 30.

Which countries sent aid to the American side during the Revolutionary War?