Benchmark 3 Review American Revolution 1. After the Battle

Benchmark 3 Review­ American Revolution 1. After the Battle of Saratoga, who supported the colonists? France and Spain 2. Who was the leader of the Continental Army and gave up command on December 4, 1783? George Washington 3. The American and French land and sea forces trapped who at Yorktown, causing him to surrender? Cornwallis 4. Who were the Loyalists? They supported Britain and did not want Independence. 5.When did the 700 British soldiers leave Boston to Attack Lexington for supplies? April 18, 1775 6. What is John Hancock known for? Having the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence 7. What was the significance of the Battle of Bunker Hill? It was a moral victory for the colonists. It made Britain realize the war was not going to be as easy as they thought. 8 Who were the Patriots? Colonists who supported the war for Independence 9. Who were the Hessians? The Hessians were German Mercenaries who were paid by Britain to fight against the colonists. There were influenced by money. 10. Who was Benedict Arnold? He was the leader of the Connecticut militia who attacked Ft. Ticonderoga (along with Ethan Allan’s militia from Vermont). He later became a traitor. 11.Who was the person responsible for writing the 1 st draft of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson 12. Why did the colonists form the Continental Congress? To challenge British control 13. Troops crossed the Delaware River on the way to where? The Battle of Trenton 14. Explain/Describe the conditions at Valley Forge. The winter was terrible. Troops lacked proper clothing and protection from the harsh cold. They also had very little supplies. 15. Francis Marion was known as the “Swamp Fox” because of….? His use of guerilla warfare and imaginative tactics 16. John Adams helped write the Declaration of Independence and was at the …? 1 st and 2 nd Continental Congress