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Predictions/Other Thoughts:
Topic: The Intolerable Acts were a series of 5 laws
passed by Parliament to directly affect the colonies in
North America.
The declaratory act is genius the
British government is saying they
have the same right as American
government just like the colonists
said they have the same rights as
Englishmen in the Declaration to
Rights and Grievances.
Why is the governor getting all this
power especially since the governor
is the general of the British Army?
If this guy was really smart he could
over throw the British government
and become tyrant by pleasing the
colonists and getting them on his
side. Then use his army as back up
if anyone disagrees.
4 of the acts were direct response to Boston Tea Party
Caused them to organize First Continental Congress
Later the American Revolution took place
Started with Seven Years War debt
British therefore created Stamp Act and Townshend
Later both were repealed but a new act the Declaratory
Act was passed
Boston Port Act
Boston Harbor closed until East Indian Company is
paid for damages
Massachusetts Government Act
Gave British control over American government all
officials appointed by British loyal governor
Administration of Justice Act
Governor is allowed to move trials out of
Massachusetts if trial maybe unfair
Quartering Act
Colonists are required to house British soldiers
Quebec Act
Enlarged the boundaries of the colony in Canada
Led colonies to form First Continental Congress
This Congress created the Continental Association
The following year the American Revolution broke out
Main Idea/Summary: The Boston Tea Party took place leading to the Intolerable Acts.
These acts required colonists to house British soldiers, give governors power to move trials
and appoint all officials. Also all damages to the East Indian Company must be paid. The
creation of the acts are completely fair and maybe there should be some more.