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Causes and Effects of the American Revolution
Fill in the following chart with either the primary causes or effects of the Revolution.
Debt from the French & Indian War & Native
attacks (Pontiac’s Rebellion) on the
Proclamation of 1763 – forbid
colonists from settling west of the
Appalachian Mountains
The Stamp Act is passed placing taxes
Raise revenue because of debt from the
on newspapers, documents, & playing
French & Indian War
Sons of Liberty call for a boycott of British
Tea Act– placed a tax on Tea
Boston Tea Party
The Stamp Act was repealed by
Parliament & Declaratory Act passed
Boston Tea Party, colonist disguised as
Indians dump 342 chests of tea into
Boston Harbor
Intolerable Acts passed to punish the
colonists – repayment, Boston harbor
closed, members of party brought to trial
Intolerable Acts passed
Committees of correspondence call
for a meeting & the First
Continental Congress meets
Colonists in the Massachusetts countryside
begin stockpiling guns and ammunition
Gen. Gage & his troops march on
Lexington and Concord-first shots
The Second Continental Congress met in
The Continental Army is formed with
George Washington chosen as its
commanding general
Common Sense by Thomas Paine is
published and becomes an instant success
Helped convince many Americans
that a complete break from Britain
was necessary
At a meeting of the Second Continental
Congress, Richard Henry Lee presents a
Declaration of Independence was
resolution calling for “free and independent
states” and “all political connection between adopted on July 4, 1776
them and Great Britain is…totally dissolved.”