Chapter 1.5 GRN & Vocab Review

Chapter 1.5
American Colonies Join Together
PP: 14-16
1. For how long did England not interfere with its colonies?
Name: ___________________________
Date: ____________________ Hr: ____
2. Why was England trying to make money?
3. How were the colonists feeling by the mid 1700’s?
4. What was the Stamp Act and how did it affect the feelings of the colonists?
What Actions Did the Colonists Take?
5. First Continental Congress:
When was it?
Where was it?
Who was there?
What happened?
6. Was the First Continental Congress effective? Explain your answer.
7. Explain what happened in each of the cities in Massachusetts:
Vocabulary Review:
Homophones are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.
Write the word that is the definition for all the words in each list. Use your vocabulary list.
8. Something that will burn you
9. To shoot at someone
10. To make someone leave their job
11. Weapon
12. A part of your body
13. Organized
14. To ask someone for something
15. To make a command
Fill in the blanks using the word bank. One word will not be used.
On December 31, 1999 many people were afraid because a new _____________________ was going to begin the
next day. However, many others were excited and they _____________________ themselves and
_____________________ their guns into the air. The police came and _____________________ these people to stop what
they were doing but these people told the police not to _____________________.