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Ladue Horton Watkins High School
Course Syllabus Spanish V AP Semester 2
Jan Magers
Contact Information:
Ladue Horton Watkins High School
1201 S. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63124
Course Objectives:
Increase students’ proficiency in the areas of
speaking, listening, reading, and writing
Text Information:
Album: Cuentos del mundo hispánicoSelections
Doce historias de la Artámila de Ana María Matute,
"El barco vacío" from Leyendas latinoamericanas
"Fósforos de Madera" de Imaginación y fantasia,
Articles from Vanidades and People en español
La barca sin pescador—Alejandro Casona
Radio Televisión Española presentation of La barca
sin pescador
Articles from Vanidades and People en español
Various segments from YouTube, Cnn en español,
Independent reading: a biography and a short story
Significant Learning Activities and Approximate Deadlines and/or Calendar:
Weeks 1 and 2: New Year activities, Ser
Week 3: Estar
Week 4: Ser/Estar, El barco vacío
Weeks 5-11: La barca sin pescador, Barron's AP Book
Week 12: Verb tense review
Weeks 13-16: Subjunctive in adverbial clauses
Weeks 17-18: Independent reading: biography and short story
Students read the works, answer study questions and participate in discussions in
Spanish in which they look for observations of cultural significance—role of the Church,
gender roles, for example—and compare/contrast the situations to their own lives,
examine character development and authors’ writing styles. They write both short
compositions and essays in Spanish on these and related topics. They apply grammar to
the readings. Students perform speaking and writing activities coordinated with each
In addition, students read an article each week from an authentic Spanish language
source: newspaper, magazine, Internet article, and write a short summary of it in
Major Assessment / Evaluation Strategies and/or Calendar:
Students take written quizzes on each story and grammatical lesson.
Students write in-class compositions.
Students complete listening comprehension activities in class.
Points are given for language lab work, including pronunciation and speaking
Points are given for homework and written in-class activities.
Comprehensive Final exam.
Total Points Grading Scale:
97.5 - 100
93.0 - 97.4
A90.0 - 92.9
87.0 - 89.9
83.0 - 86.9
B80.0 - 82.9
77.0 - 79.9
73.0 - 76.9
C70.0 - 72.9
Academic Integrity Statement
This class holds the same standards of academic integrity as other classes at Saint Louis
University. Complete, specific college guidelines are available at: