Bacteria and Viruses Review Sheet

Bacteria and Viruses Review Sheet
Ms. Ramirez
1. First group of living organisms on Earth:
2. What are the 3 shapes of bacteria?
3. Define and give the characteristics if eukaryotes vs. Prokaryotes:
4. Sketch the structure of bacteria:
5. What is flagella? What is it used for? What is pilli? What is it used for?
6. Compare phototrophic bacteria with chemotrophic bacteria:
7. What sort of environment does bacteria thrive in?
8. Define pathogen
9. Penicillin is an example of an ________________________.
10. Foodborne illnesses: What are they and how do they occur?
11. What are the characteristics of viruses?
12. Describe the structure of viruses
13. What is the purpose of the capsid part of a virus?
14. What is the tobacco mosaic virus?
15. Why did scientists first start to study viruses?
16. How do bacteriophages infect bacteria?
17. Can viruses infect random cells?
18. Why don’t antibiotics work against viruses?
19. List 10 viral diseases, and list 10 bacterial diseases.
20. Define the following terms:
a. Gram staining
b. Phototroph
c. Heterotroph
d. Antibiotic
e. Obligate anaerobe
f. Obligate aerobe
g. Facultative anaerobe
h. Exotoxins
i. Antibiotic resistance
j. Capsid
k. Shape
l. Bacteriophages