Bacteria Worksheet

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Standards: 1.c.Students know how prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells (including those from plants and animals), and
viruses differ in complexity and general structure.
10.d.Students know there are important differences between bacteria and viruses with respect to their requirements for
growth and replication, the body’s primary defenses against bacterial and viral infections, and effective treatments of these
Read pages 483-488
1. Define Virus (pg 483):
2. Characteristics of viruses (name 2)
3. Why are viruses not considered a living thing?
4. Define capsid (pg184):
5. If you opened a virus what would you find?
6. Where does viral reproduction occur?
Use the diagram on page 484 to draw and label each type of virus.
Tobacco Mosaic
Viruses vs. Bacteria Treatment
1. Define Vaccine.
2. How can a vaccine protect you against a disease?
3. Define Antibiotic (pg465)
4. Explain why antibiotics work against bacteria but not viruses.
T4 Bacteriophage
pg 486