Study guide for biotech test

Ap Biology Biotech Test study guide
Biotech test includes all of the techniques and concepts + bacteria and
viruses (videos on Ustream and on links page)
Techniques to know: (know purpose, how, and how to interpret)
gene cloning (including putting genes in vectors, use of vectors
host cells, and selection factors)
genetic engineering (including how restriction enzymes work)
cDNA library formation
Electrophoresis, Southern Blotting, Probing vs. staining gel, and uses of
electrophoresis like paternity testing and DNA fingerprinting
MicroArray analysis
Cloning of Organisms
Stem Cell Research
For viruses - just know basic structure, how they infect, and general types especially retroviruses and how they work
For bacteria - know the 4 ways that give bacteria a lot of variation even
though they reproduce asexually (know what each is and how it works) mutation,
transformation, transduction, conjugation
Know basic bacteria structure (no need to know gram +- stuff), plasmids