Cell Respiration Study Guide

Biotechnology Test Study Guide
 Review the four areas of biotechnology and know the basic
definition/purpose/use of each
 Know about the basic biology of bacteria and terminology
 Know about plasmids – what are they and which organisms can have
 Review DNA technology (PCR, Electrophoresis, transgenic
organisms, cloning. Etc) – what they are, how they work, how we use
 Know details about electrophoresis, the steps in the process, why you
do it, what you learn from it and the limitations
 Know the details of how a transgenic organism is created and be able
to explain all of the steps involved
 Know the different processes that create variation in bacteria and how
they work
 Know about the structure of viruses and terminology
 Understand the relationship between bacteria and viruses
 Understand how restriction enzymes work, where they came from and
the different ways we use them
 Review and understand the different virus life cycles and the steps in
 Understand the difference between viruses with DNA and RNA
 Know about how HIV works and replicates and why it is so hard to
create cures
 Math
o slope
o standard deviation
o word problem