Vaccinations and Antibiotics

Vaccinations and Antibiotics
Protists-eukaryote that is not plant, animal, or fungi that can cause serious diseases ex. Malaria
-Drugs and vaccines can be very effective against them.
#1 barrier from infection is
skin and mucuos membranes
**Sweat, tears, mucus & saliva:
contain lysosomes/enzymes that kill bacteria
Fighting bacterial infections:
1. Antibiotics compounds that block growth & reprod. of bacteria
• If stopped early, not all bacteria destroyed
• Antibiotic Resistance =
remaining bacteria mutates & is unaffected by antibiotic
2. Sterilization –
using high heat to kill bacteria
3. Vaccination
• made from “dead” or weakened pathogens
• stimulates immune system to protect against pathogen in the future
4. Macrophages
attack at infection site-antibodies are made if they don't work
5. Antibodies =
proteins in the body that help block/ destroy pathogens
• made by white blood cells
• blocks receptor sites so pathogens don’t attach
Fighting Viral Infections:
1. Vaccination
2. Antibodies
3. Sterilization
4. Antiviral medication
• Very few for viruses!
• You CANNOT take antibiotics for viruses!