Respiratory Study Guide

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Respiratory Study Guide
1) Identify all the organs and parts of the respiratory system on a diagram.
2) What is the path that air follows as it flows into your lungs? (Name the organs)
3) What is the function of each of those organs?
4) How does your respiratory system help to protect your body?
5) What is the purpose of the pleural coverings? What are their names? Where are they located?
6) What is cellular respiration?
7) How are external respiration and internal respiration different?
8) What is the process of external respiration?
9) What is the difference between expiration and inspiration?
10)How does a change in the volume of your lungs cause you to breath? Explain the mechanical
11)How do you find the vital capacity/tidal volume of a person?
12)What is considered to be residual air inside of a person?
13)What are examples of non-respiratory air movements? What are their characteristics?
14)How does the process of gas exchange in the lungs occur? (Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide)
15)What is the formula of gas exchange in the lungs? (Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide)
16)How are carbon dioxide and oxygen transported in the blood?
17) What are examples of common respiratory diseases and disorders?
18)What are the symptoms and causes of the above listed diseases and disorders?-