lesson plans

Title: Feudalism Continued
Grade and Subject: 10th Ancient World History
Time Allotted: 55 mins
SOL #:
NCSS Theme:
What is the guiding
question for this lesson?
How did the medieval manor system function
Must be presented in the
as a social and economic system?
lesson to students
How will student
Completion of notes; completion of feudal
understanding be assessed? system chart; completion of manor questions
-include assessments.
Key Concepts (no definition necessary):
Feudalism; Manorialism; Serfs; Peasants; Knights
SWBAT (as many as required by lesson):
#1: Students will be able to explain the structure of feudal society and its
economic, political, and political effects
#2: Students will be able to explain manorialism and its workers, including the
lords, peasants, serfs, and knights
Materials (List and attach primary sources and additional materials-ppt and
question frames /concept maps/ Frames etc.):
PowerPoint; Note Packet; Feudal System chart; Manor questions
Just Do It (hook):
Students will watch a clip from the movie A Knight’s Tale. Students will be asked
if anyone knows what a knight’s responsibilities were during the Middle Ages.
(5 minutes)
Obj #
Check for Evidence of
Students will be able to explain the
Completion of the note
structure of feudal society and its
packet (10 minutes)
economic, political, and political
Completion of feudal chart
(13 minutes)
Transition: Feudalism created large estates called manors. Manors involved
several different classes, including the lord, peasants, serfs, and knights
Students will be able to explain
Completion of note packet
manorialism and its workers,
(10 minutes)
including the lords, peasants, serfs,
Completion of manor
and knights
questions (12 minutes)
Description of Lesson Procedure
Closure (How does this come back to the guiding question):
Students will be asked to list all of the classes that were involved in the manor
system, i.e. peasants, lords, serfs, etc. (5 minutes)
Accommodations and modifications will be made according to individual student’s
IEP and 504 plans.