WWI Unit Test Review

World War I Unit Test Review
Otto Von Bismarck
Gavrilo Princip
Big Four
League of Nations
Woodrow Wilson
Sussex Pledge
Triple Entente
Kaiser Wilhelm
Schlieffen Plan
“Domino Effect”
Fourteen Points
Article 231
Franco-Prussian War
Gallipoli Campaign
Triple Alliance
Franz Ferdinand
Trench Warfare
Chlorine Gas
Versailles Treaty
Zimmerman Telegram
Just War Theory
All Battles
1. Describe the principles laid out by “Just War” theory pertaining not only
to the justified reasons to fight a war, but also how we should treat our
enemy during war
2. What are the four contributing factors identified as the causes of World
War I?
3. What pre-war strategies were in place prior to WWI? (class notes)
4. Describe Otto Von Bismarcks policy of “realpolitik.” How did this policy
contribute to tension between countries in Europe?
5. What event led to the declaration of war by Austria-Hungary against
6. Which countries formed the Central Powers? Which countries formed the
Allied Powers?
7. What pre-war strategies existed at the outset of war? (class notes)
8. What policy did the U.S. have at the outset of the war? How was the
United States economy tied to Great Britain and Germany? What
argument can be made the economics played a large role in moving the
United States closer to war? (class notes)
9. What did British generals instruct soldiers to do as they approached the
enemy at the Battle of the Somme?
10. What is “trench warfare?” Describe the strategy and conditions that
existed? Was it effective?
11. Describe the general nature of the strategies that British, French, and
German troops implemented to win the war. (refer to the Battle of the
Marne, Verdun, and the Somme) --- Class Notes/Video
12. What were some of the new weapons that were introduced during WWI?
13. What strategy did the British use during the war to prevent goods from
reaching Germany? What strategy did the Germans use? What role did
propaganda play in influencing American attitudes towards war? (class
14. Why was Russia at a disadvantage compared to other countries fighting in
the war? What eventually led to their withdraw from the war?
15. Why did Ghandi support India’s participation in the war?
16. How did WWI evolve into a “total” war?
17. Discuss the views presented by President Woodrow Wilson that argued for
U.S. entry into war. (Wilson’s war message to Congress)
18. What events (reasons) caused the U.S. to declare war on April 6, 1917?
19. What was the purpose of the War Industries Board? (pg. 410) What did
the Food Administration do?
20. How did the U.S. “sell the war” to the American public? What did the
Committee on Public Information do?
21. Which minority groups benefited from the war?
22. What are Wilson’s Fourteen Points? How was it designed to prevent
future wars?
23. What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? Describe differences
between Wilson’s goals for peace and the Europeans goals for peace. How
did the terms contribute to the Second World War?
24. What did article 231 call for?
25. What was the League of Nations? What were the pro/con arguments with
regard to America’s ratification of membership in the league?
26. What was the legacy of the First World War?