Wilson and Marshall 1

Wilson and Marshall
World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918. WWI was a large-scale military conflict
involving European nations, United States and other nations across the world.
Around 20 million people were killed during this war and nearly 20 million were
wounded, making it one of the most devastating wars in history.
Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States
when we entered World War One. He wanted to stay neutral
(do not pick sides) and out of the horrible war.
After WWI
ended, President Wilson worked to create the League of
The League of Nations was a plan to achieve
world peace. This was a meeting place for all the leaders of
various countries around the world. Here, these countries would
hopefully discuss their differences and resolve them
peacefully. After the devastation of the war, support for such
a good idea was great (except in America where
isolationism—away, off by themselves-- was taking root).
His plan for the League of Nations helped inspire the
United Nations.
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Unfortunately, the League of Nations did not prevent WWII from happening. This was a
far more destructive war, with newer machinery and weapons, as well as the use of
planes and bombs. After the war ended, about 60 million people were dead. This was
the most deadly war of all time.
George C. Marshall was a great military leader (from Leesburg!)
remembered for what he did for peace after WWII.
created an economic plan to help Europe and ensure world
peace after WWII.
This was called the Marshall Plan and it
offered money, machinery, and food to help the countries in
Europe rebuild after the war.