Review for cells and viruses test

Review for cells and viruses test
What is the difference between a Prokaryote and a Eukaryote?
What do Eukaryotic cells, Prokaryotic cells and viruses have in common and why are they different from
each other?
Know the structure of a bacterial cell and a virus!
Why are viruses not considered living?
How do viruses connect to the cell?
Viruses take over the host’s machinery after injecting their DNA into the cell, they do not use energy.
Know the difference between lytic and Lysogenic cycle: Viral replication
How can you get a secondary infection?
Why do antibiotics not work on a virus?
What is the difference between an antibiotic and a vaccine?
What is an antibody?
Understand what transmission of a pathogen means.
Ex. Of helpful bacteria are in yogurt, what do they do?
Which body system helps prevent infections?
Which body systems work together to prevent you from pathogens.
Know the innate or nonspecific immunity and the acquired or specific immunity.
Viruses are very specific to the cells they attack.
How can people go months or years without showing signs or symptoms of the virus (understand the
two types of viral replication)
Lymphocytes = T cells and B
What would you want to know in order to make an antiviral drug?
Phagocytes = engulf and
digest the bacteria