Health- Sex Ed & Relationships – Potential questions for Final Exam

Personal Health Unit
1. Identify five (5) different ways to practice healthy lifestyles.
2. Select one (1) of the healthy lifestyles you listed above that you most identify with personally and give
a detailed explanation of how you have incorporated this into your life.
3. What are three (3) specific ways you might protect your skin from the damage the sun may cause?
4. What are three (3) negative effects the sun may have on your skin if you do not take steps to protect
5. Name and describe each of the components of the R.I.C.E. principle.
Nutrition Unit
1. Besides regulate metabolism, choose one other role of nutrients plays in our diets and explain the role.
2. List all six (6) nutrient classes.
3. What are three (3) practical guidelines for healthy eating learned in class?
4. What are three (3) health risks associated with being overweight that you can share with them as a
potential threat to their life?
5. Aside from heredity/genetics identify two other influential roles in weight and fat control.
Mental Health Unit
1. What are three (3) ways that you can improve your self-esteem that were discussed in class?
2. What are three (3) healthy techniques a person can use to keep stress under control?
3. What are three (3) unhealthy ways to deal with stress?
4. Identify mental disorders based on the symptoms described in the scenarios.
5. What are three (3) warning signs of people who are contemplating suicide and three (3) steps you
should use to help someone who is suicidal?
Substance Abuse Unit
1. What are three (3) outcomes that can occur to the baby if she continues to smoke while pregnant?
2. Identify four (4) techniques that you could suggest to help her try to quit smoking.
3. What are three (3) different long-term effects of alcohol on the body that you can share with Bill?
4. Identify three (3) negative side effects of taking steroids.
5. What are three (3) ways you could tell if your friend is in trouble with alcohol poisoning?
Safe Dates Unit
1. Describe one (1) Red Flag that you might see to indicate that a friend is being abused. Secondly,
describe one (1) Red Flag you might see to be able to indicate a friend is an abuser.
2. Describe two (2) specific ways discussed in class that you might be able to help your friend that is in an
abusive relationship.
3. Identify three (3) ways to protect yourself from becoming a dating abuse victim.
4. Identify two (2) ways a person might experience physical abuse and two (2) ways a person might
experience emotional abuse.
Sex Education & Relationships Unit
1. What are four (4) possible symptoms that indicate you might have with an STD?
2. What are three (3) STD’s that are incurable?
3. What are three (3) forms of hormonal birth control that may prevent pregnancy and two (2) barrier
methods that help protect against STD’s as well?
4. What are two (2) responsibilities you now have knowing that you are infected with an STD?
5. What are three (3) ways in which having an STD (or baby) at a young age can negatively affect your
Family Issues Unit
1. What are three (3) things a family can do to ensure their relationships remain strong?
2. What are three (3) healthy ways to manage your stress that will accompany their divorce?
3. Identify and describe four (4) stages of the grieving process.
4. What are three (3) negative consequences of gambling you could share with him to cause your uncle
to reconsider gambling his habit?
5. While still in high school what are the most hours you should work in a week and still be a good
6. If you work more than the maximum hours in a week, what are two (2) areas in your life that are
most likely to become negatively affected?