A mite that burrows into the skin causing intense itching

An STD caused by a virus (also
A mite that burrows into the skin
causes warts). There is no cure. Men
causing intense itching in the infected have an increased risk of developing
genital cancers, women have a higher
risk of developing cervical cancer.
STD caused by bacterium that infects STD caused by bacterium that infects
reproductive organs. Symptoms
mucous membranes. There may be
include discharge from vagina or
no obvious symptoms or pain during
penis, and vaginal bleeding. Most
urination and discharge from penis.
commonly STD reported in the U.S.
Not Chlamydia
Inflammation of the liver causing
tiredness and muscle aches, fever,
darkening of the urine, liver damage
or failure.
A strain of parasite that is spread by
skin to skin contact. Symptoms
include intense itching in the pubic
Inflammation of the upper female
reproductive tract. A common and
serious complication of some STDs.
Can cause scars in the fallopian tubes
or uterus that can lead to ectopic
Bacterium that causes ulcers or
chancres. Can be cured if treated
early. Late phases can include heart
and nervous symptom damage or
death. Not Gonorrhea
Protozoan that causes itching in the
genital area, vaginal discharge. Can
be cured with prescribed medicine.
Can cause bladder infections in both
males and females.
A virus that affects the immune
system. Passed by exchange of blood,
semen, vaginal fluid, breast milk.
Symptoms include fatigue, swollen
lymph nodes, infections. No cure.
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