March 12, 2015 Hello JL Ilsley community. The end of day tomorrow

March 12, 2015
Hello J.L. Ilsley community.
The end of day tomorrow will mark the beginning of March Break.
It has been a long few weeks for everyone and I want to thank you for your patience as we’ve
dealt with our building challenges.
I also want to thank the students for their tremendous focus and commitment. They have been
outstanding in every way possible and they bring such a positive energy to school every day.
We are nearing the end of our renovations. We have had people on our roof for the last week
removing snow and ice in order to complete the roof project. Weather permitting this work will
be finished during the break.
The interior work is also coming to an end. The new administration offices will be completed by
the end of the month and next week, a cafeteria wall will be removed opening up this space
and making it more inviting for students when they return.
As spring approaches, I am confident these improvements will be much appreciated by
students, staff and the community.
I hope everyone has a great break and we look forward to seeing students back in school on
Monday, March 23.
Gordon McKelvie