May 19th Meeting

May 19th Meeting
Q. Is CSST gas piping allowed to be used on an exposed roof top?
R. Research of one manufacturer found the following information: TracPipe
Design Guide states "No special mechanical protection of the piping is
required for the connection to roof top equipment. Whenever possible,
roof penetrations hall be located within 6 feet of the equipment to be
connected as shown in figure 3-14. Long runs of tubing shall be
supported with non-metallic blocks every 4 feet along its outdoor length,
and raised above the roof a distance determined by local codes/ practice.
Plastic jacketing shall remain intact as much as practical for the given
installation. Any portions of exposed stainless steel shall be wrapped with
self bonding silicone tape sealing the fitting connections to prevent later
corrosive attack by acid wash or chloride based compounds."