Native American Vocabulary
Indigenous – the first people to live in an area
Civilization – a society with a high level of culture and organization
Culture – the way people live their lives
Igloo – a house made out of ice blocks and snow
Longhouse – a long home with a rounded roof, made out of branches
and covered with bark,
could fit 20 people
Wigwam – a domed house made out of trees, sod, and grasses
Chickee – an open-sided shelter made of wood with a roof made out of
leaves and grass
Tepee – a cone-shaped home made of wooden poles and covered with
buffalo skins
Pueblos – box shaped homes made out of adobe or sandstone and built
in rows or groups
and sometimes on top of each other
maize – corn
The three sisters – beans, squash, and corn; the three main crops farmed
by Native Americans
Irrigation – bringing water into a dry area or field
Gender roles – the varying roles or responsibilities of men and women