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Math 398 - Fall 2008
Petronela Radu
Homework 1
First draft due September 15
Final draft due September 29
The list below contains some of the green features that belong to sustainable design. You
are to
research and write about one of these features. Your essay should contain general
information about
the specific feature, information on costs (broken down into initial or installation, annual,
periodic costs), benefits (for humans and the environment), availability, ease of installation
For all the data/information collected please provide the references that you consulted
from the news media or from scientific journals, websites, friends, movies etc.)
Green Features:
a) Standing seam ‘cool’ metal roof vs. standard asphalt shingles (Miranda)
b) Exterior strawbale walls vs. 2x6 wood frame w/batt insulation (Dichele)
c) Green roof vs. membrane roof (Chistie - group 1)
d) Daylighting and energy efficient fluorescent lighting vs. incandescent (Logan - group 1)
e) Alternative energy: passive solar heating, photovoltaic, wind power vs. electricity from
the grid
f) Finished materials- sealed concrete floor vs. carpet or rubber tile (Matthew)
g) Geo-thermal heat pump system vs. standard HVAC (Jordan - group 1)
h) Green materials vs. standard (i.e. paper composite countertops vs. plastic laminate)
(Rachael - group 1)
i) Rainwater harvesting vs. none (Sarah)
j) Energy Star windows and appliances (Jennifer)
k) Life cycle (payback) analysis (Josh)
l) Green features in sustainable design - general information (Morgan)