Roundheads and Cavaliers 14th May 2015

This term we have been learning about Roundheads and Cavaliers. At the
beginning of the topic the children looked at the events that caused the civil
war, examining why it happened. The children then learned about the two sides;
the cavaliers, lead by King Charles I and the roundheads, who were lead by the
parliamentarians and Oliver Cromwell. The children considered their similarities
and differences and
what their beliefs were.
Using role play, the
children recreated the
trial of Charles I, having
learned how the war
came to an end. Next,
the children will learn in
more detail about the
key figures (King Charles
and Oliver Cromwell) and
will use their knowledge
to write biographies.
One of our recent highlights was when the children
performed their Maypole dance routine during the school’s
annual dance showcase. The children demonstrated great
teamwork and communication to perform with great timing
and confidence.
In Science, the children have been learning about
light and shadow. They have been examining which
materials are good at reflecting light and making dark