WWI Study Guide

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World War I Study Guide
Allied Powers: Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States.
Trench warfare describes the type of warfare that was involved in WWI.
Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire.
Propaganda is the term that describes the information during the war that was
used to shape people’s thinking.
Nationalism is a strong devotion to one’s country.
Alliance is an agreement nations make to support each other.
Armistice is an agreement to stop fighting.
Militarism is when a country builds a strong military to frighten or defeat other
Zimmerman sent a telegram to from Germany to Mexico.
Treaty of Versailles was treaty signed to end WWI.
Lusitania was a British passenger ship that was destroyed by Germans.
A UBoat is a name for a German submarine.
An isolationist does not get involved with another country’s problems.
An imperialist is when a country builds an empire by adding colonies.
The US was an isolationist country when WWI began; they tried to remain neutral.
The US entered WWI:
(1) because German’s sunk the Lusitania and 128 Americans were on board.
(2) the Zimmerman telegram suggested an alliance between Germany and Mexico
again the US.
(3) the US had loaned money to the Allies and they wanted to help them win so
that the debt to the US would be paid back.
Citizens of the US helped the war effort by having factories produce war supplies
like weapons, uniforms, gas masks. Women started working in factories. Using
ration stamps that limited the amount of certain goods they could buy.
WWI was a new kind of war that used submarines, airplanes, mustard gas, tanks,
and trench warfare.