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effects of ww1

Effects of World War I
The effects of WWI can be divided into three groups - social, political, and economic. Below is
a list of effects of WWI. For each, identify if it is a social, political, or economic effect. Be
prepared to defend your choice.
Government control of telephone, telegraph, and railroads
War Industry Board is created to coordinate agricultural & industrial war efforts
Women’s suffrage
US becomes the “Workshop of the World”
Food rations are instituted
Military Draft
Rise of xenophobia (fear of immigrants)
Espionage & Sedition Act
Eruption of race riots (ex: Chicago 1919)
Schenck v. United States
US leaves an isolationist stance
Red Scare
US becomes a global leader
FBI is created
Palmer Raids & deportation of 600 “radicals”
Many women quit domestic work and start working in factories
Great Migration
Worldwide banking capital shifts from London, England to New York City, USA
War bonds are sold
US Senate doesn’t ratify the Treaty of Versailles or join the League of Nations