Word Glossary

Word Glossary
Active tab - The tab currently displayed
Autocorrect – Automatically corrects errors
Autocorrect Options – button that allows you to direct Word how to handle corrections
Automatic Page Break – Automatically inserted when you exceed one page, also known as a
soft page break
Background repagination – Automatic page break task
Backspace – Key used to delete text
Bold - Characters that display somewhat thicker
Citations – Notations of each source used in a research paper
Click and Type – Used to format and enter text, graphics and other items
Cutting - Removing a selected item from a document and placing in the Clipboard
Document properties - The details about a file
Document window - Where you view a portion of a document on the monitor
Double space – One blank line between each line of text
Dragging - The process of holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse, then
releasing the button
Endnote – Explanatory note at the end of a document
Field – A placeholder for data whose contents can change
File - What a saved document is called
File name - A name assigned to a document when it is saved
First Line Indent – Procedure to automatically indent the first line of each new paragraph
First Line Indent Marker – Top triangle on the ruler
Folder - A specific location on a disk
Font - Defines appearance and shapes of letters
Font size - Specifies size of characters
Footer – Text and graphics that print at the bottom of each page
Footnote – Explanatory note at the bottom of a page
Formatting – Changing the appearance
Formatting Marks – Symbols used for formatting a paper and do not print
Gallery - Set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list
Hard Page Break – Another term for manual page break
Header – Text printed at the top of each page
Home tab - The primary tab that contains the more frequently used commands
Horizontal Ruler – A ruler that displays along the top edge of the document window
Insertion point - Blinking vertical bar
Key tip badge - A keyboard code icon
Keywords - Words or phrases that further describe a document
Menu - Contains a list of commands
Metadata – Document properties which can include such information as the project author,
title, or subject.
Microsoft Office Word - Full featured word processing program
Mini toolbar - Appears automatically based on tasks you perform, contains commands
related to changing the appearance of text
MLA – Modern Language Association – is a popular documentation style used today for
research papers
Mouse pointer - Becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing
Normal style - The default style in Word
Note Reference Marks – Signals that an explanatory note exists
Office button - A central location for managing and sharing
Paragraph formatting - Process of changing the appearance of a paragraph
Pasting – Placing an item from the Clipboard into a document
Point - 1/72 of one inch in height
Printout - A hard copy of your worksheet
Proofreading – Looking for errors
Research paper – A document you can use to communicate the results of research findings
Resizing - Includes both enlarging and reducing the size of a graphic
Ribbon - The control center in Word
Scroll box - Reflects location of the portion of the document that is displayed
Scrollbars - Used to display different parts of a Word document
Shortcut Keys – Can make typing more efficient because your hands are on the keyboard
Shortcut menu - A list of commands which appears when you right-click an object
Sizing handles - Small squares at each corner and middle location of a selection rectangle
Status bar - Displays at the bottom of the document window
Style set - A group of frequently used styles formatted to look pleasing when used together
Submenu - List of additional commands
Submenu - List of additional commands
Subscript – Lowered number
Superscript – Raised number
Synonyms – Word with a similar meaning
Task pane - A window that contains additional command
Theme - A set of unified formats for fonts, colors, and graphics
Thesaurus – Book of synonyms
Winzip - Program compresses larger files into a smaller file
Word Count – Sum of the number of words in a document
Works Cited – Page that lists sources or bibliographical references referenced directly in the