Nettleton – World History Chapter 16 packet (pg. 522) Ch. 16.1

Nettleton – World History Chapter 16 packet (pg. 522)
Ch. 16.1 Terms:
Flapper –
Prohibition –
Speakeasies –
Harlem Renaissance –
Psychoanalysis –
Dada –
Surrealism –
Analyze how Western Society changed after World War I.
Describe the literary and artistic trends that emerged in the 1920’s.
List several advances in modern scientific thought.
Ch. 16.2 Terms:
Maginot Line -
Kellogg-Briand Pact –
Disarmament –
General Strike –
Overproduction –
Finance –
Federal Reserve –
Great Depression –
Franklin D. Roosevelt –
New Deal –
Summarize the Domestic and foreign policy issues Europe faced after World War I.
Compare the postwar economic situations in Britain, France and the United States.
Describe how the Great Depression began and spread and how Britain, France and
the United States tried to address it.
Ch. 16.3 Terms:
Benito Mussolini –
Black Shirts –
March on Rome –
Totalitarian State –
Fascism –
Describe how conditions in Italy favored the rise of Mussolini.
Summarize how Mussolini changed Italy.
Understand the values and goals of fascist ideology.
Compare and contrast fascism and communism.
Ch. 16.4 Terms:
Command Economy –
Collectives –
Kulaks –
Gulag –
Socialist Realism –
Russification –
Atheism –
Comintern –
Describe the effects of Stalin’s five-year plans.
Explain how Stalin tried to control how people thought in the Soviet Union.
List communist changes to Soviet society.
Outline Soviet foreign policy under Stalin.
Ch. 16.5 Terms:
Chancellor Ruhr Valley Third Reich –
Gestapo –
Nuremberg Laws –
Analyze the problems faced by the Weimar Republic.
Describe the Nazi Party’s political, social, economic and cultural policies.
Summarize the rise of authoritarian rule in Eastern Europe in the 1920’s and