Famous Person

Jose Lara
Plot Summary
1. Picture of our historical person
2. Biographical paragrarph
Stalin was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili on 18 December 1878. Stalin had a
violent upbringing. His father beat his mother and himself so violently that Stalin once
had blood in is urine for over a week. Stalin vastly increased the scope and power of
the state’s secret police and intelligence agencies. Under his guiding hand, Soviet intelligence forces began to set up intelligence networks in most of the major nations of the
world, including Germany (the famous Rote Kappelle spy ring), Great Britain, France,
Japan, and the United States. Stalin made considerable use of the Communist International movement in order to infiltrate agents and to ensure that foreign Communist
parties remained pro-Soviet and pro-Stalin.
3. Conflict,countroversy, or struggle
But when Lenin died in 1924, he was succeeded by Joseph Stalin, one of the most ruthless humans
ever to hold power.To Stalin, the burgeoning national revival movement and
continuing loss of Soviet influence in the Ukraine was completely
unacceptable. A propaganda campaign was started utilizing eager
young Communist activists who spread out among the country folk
attempting to shore up the people’s support for the Soviet regime.
However, their attempts failed. Despite the propaganda, ongoing
coercion and threats, the people continued to resist through acts of
rebellion and outright sabotage. They burned their own homes rather
than surrender them. They took back their property, tools and farm animals
from the collectives, harassed and even assassinated local Soviet authorities.