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Getting Started with Everett Public Schools Learning Management System

Login at – https://[email protected]

LMS guardian support resources

If you already have an account and forgot your login or password, please email LMS at [email protected]

If you have more than one student and do not see all your students when you log in, contact your school to have your children linked to your account.

If you do not have access, please contact the school to make certain your Web access has been set up.

Once a guardian logs in with the provided password, the password can be changed using the Password

Management feature.

Accessing Grade Information


– link provides a view of teacher assignments currently entered into the gradebook.

Middle and High School Guardians:

If all your children attend middle or high school, the gradebook link connects you to the Grade Summary.

Selecting the course grade will show a Class Report with all assignments.

To see a student’s grades – select Grade Summary

To see the teacher – select Schedule Summary

To see assignments that have been marked by the teacher as “missing” or the due date has passed – select Missing/Ungraded

Linking from Grade Summary is the simplest way to see the Class Assignment Report. Another way to get to Class Reports is through this arrow.

To sign up to have assignment reports or alerts sent to you by email – select Email Subscriptions.

The Learning Plan is not currently an active feature.

Further details on reports in images below.

Grade Summary/Class Assignment Report Views:

Grades earned throughout the year can be found here. If you select the grade/percentage, you will see a full class assignment report


Class Assignment Report: Assignment Detail View

Schedule Summary

A teacher may include information or links to assist in completing or scoring an assignment.

Missing/Ungraded and Future Assignments View

Email Subscription: Available to guardians with an updated email on file at your child’s school.

Elementary School Guardians:

If you have both elementary and middle and/or high school students, linking to


may lead to this page. Selecting here will lead to the Grades menu and you older students.

Interested in seeing attendance, behavior, test scores or transcripts?

Log in to the

Home Access Center

Connecting to the Home Access Center requires logging in a second time.

Use the same username and password.

Here you will find more information including:




Test Scores