LMS Promotion 8.4b.15

Learning Management Services
Operational Services
The Learning Management Services team is a
service group providing operational support
(training for student information systems,
student data reporting and curriculum and
instructional technology) as well as professional
development in curriculum and instruction
(standards-based course design, assessment
for learning strategies and grading for learning
For classroom teachers
The LMS Staff will be utilizing the new incident
and request tracking system rolling out midyear. Until then, contact us through our shared
email account and department phone number.
LMS Parent Services
Guardians are directed to email
[email protected] with school and student
information for a user name and password once
a school has granted web access. This log in
allows guardians to access K-12 student
historical information, attendance, secondary
schools’ current grades, website customization
and Atomic Learning. Anyone contacting LMS
who is not yet set up with access will be
referred back to their child’s school.
Department Phone Number: 385-4080
Email: [email protected]
Most systems are automatically set up for
teachers when they are assigned to classes in
Teachers can contact [email protected]
when working on how to use or to troubleshoot
the student information system, gradebook,
reporting tools or instructional technology
LMS Tools
 Atomic Learning
 Cognos
 Curriculum Portal
 Discovery Education
 Docushare
 Elementary Progress Report (EPR)
 eSchool Plus
 EPS Google Apps
 Gradebook
 Insight Analytics
 Moodle
 Schoolwires
 Teacher Access Center
 Teacher Insight Analytics
For roles beyond the classroom teacher
Leadership, facilitators, counselors,
coordinators, support staff and others who
interact with students typically require manual
set up in systems and LMS can help.
Send us a User Access form (found on the LMS
website) and request training at any time for
initial use or advancing skills.
Operational Services Examples
Access and training for the Student
Information System
o eSchool
o Home Access Center
o Teacher Access Center
Access and training in Progress
Reporting/ Gradebook
o Elementary Progress Report
o Pinnacle Gradebook
Access and training in reporting tools
o Cognos
o Scantron Insight Analytics
o Scantron Teacher Insight
Coordination and training of state and
federal reporting requirements and
reporting – (ie CEDARS)
Coordinating and training for progress
reporting and report card processing
and printing
Maintenance and access to the
Curriculum Portal
LMS Additional Trainings:
EPS Google Apps
Microsoft Office Suite
o Excel
o Outlook
o Word
Curriculum and Instruction Services
For classroom teachers
Learning Management Services team members
work alongside curriculum specialists and
facilitators, with teacher teams and with
individuals by request for classroom course
design elements in unit design, instruction,
assessment and technology integration.
Contact [email protected] to schedule.
LMS Trainings include
 Assessment for Learning
 Depth of Knowledge
 Grading for Learning
 Integrating Technology tools into
 Proficiency Scaling in Instructional and
Assessment Design
Curriculum and Instruction Examples
For roles beyond the classroom teacher
Learning Management Services team members
are open to partnerships with Principals,
Specialists, Facilitators, and Program Directors
to provide presentations to staff or groups in
support of a building or department’s
improvement plans. In addition to working with
teachers, LMS can also provide sessions on a
variety of enhanced use of core software to any
staff group.
Integration of technology throughout
content area
o How to use Google Forms for
formative assessment or simply
collecting responses to surveylike questions
o How to use Google or Office
Online to increase
collaboration and peer to peer
Professional development in standardsbased instructional design for district
leadership, building leadership, full
staff and teacher teams
o Depth of Knowledge
(Webb’s DoK)
o Proficiency scales as design
o Assessment for learning
o Unit design
o Grading for learning
Professional development online, and
face to face for schools, teacher teams,
departments or individuals as needed in
instructional technology
Leading the way to
improve efficiency
and effectiveness
If it is about kids and the
software that schedules,
instructs or reports on their
learning– LMS will be your
point of contact
LMS Website
LMS Phone Number: 385-4080
Email: [email protected]
LMS Phone Number: 385-4080
Email: [email protected]