Please review the following checklist to ensure you meet the

Please review the following checklist to ensure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.
Complete all aspects of the application as outlined below.
Submit completed application packages to the attention of Carrie Monteith-Levesque,
International Student Coordinator, Student Services Office, George Martin Hall, room 311.
Deadline for application is February 12, 2016.
Eligibility to Participate in an Exchange
 Completed 30-60 credit hours by the time you go on exchange.
 Minimum annual grade point average of 3.0.
 Apply by the application deadline of February 12 2016.
Please note: meeting the minimum eligibility requirements and application deadline do not
guarantee acceptance.
Application for an Exchange
 Fill out the International Exchange Application form.
 Write a cover letter of at least one page (250 words) explaining why you think you
would be a good candidate for an academic exchange, and what you hope to gain from
the experience.
 Ask a professor who knows your work well to write a confidential letter of
recommendation. It must be sealed in a St. Thomas University envelope, signed by your
professor across the seal, and included with your application.
 Outline your financial plan (i.e., provide information on how you will finance your
tuition, travel and living expenses while away from St. Thomas).
Applications will be reviewed by an approval committee chaired by the International Student
Coordinator with representation from the Registrar’s Office and faculty.
You will be notified whether your application has been accepted within 3 to 4 weeks of the
deadline. If accepted, you will be assisted in making application to the host university, and
advised on such things as passports and visas, accommodation, insurance, etc.
STU International Exchange Programme
Application Form 2016-2017
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Student Number: ______________________
Email __________________________
Current address: __________________________________________________________
Current phone: ________________________ Home phone: ______________________
Permanent address: _______________________________________________________
How many credit hours will you have completed by May 2016? ____________________
In 2016-2017, you will be in year (circle one): two / three / four / other
What is (are) your major(s)? _____________________________________
Please number your top three choices for exchange:
China, Beijing
Sapporo, Japan
Japan, Osaka
Korea, Seoul
Spain, Madrid
Sweden, Orebro
Turkey, Ankara
Australian Catholic University
Universidad FASTA
Universidad Santo Tomas
Chinese University of
Political Science and Law
Hokusei Gakuen University
Kinki University
Catholic University of Korea
University of Malta
Universidad Ceu San Pablo
Orebro University
Middle East Technical University
Preferred semester for exchange:

Sept.-Dec. _____
Jan.-Mar. _____
Signature ________________________________________ Date __________________