Budgeting Basics Part Two Workbook

Personal Management Merit Badge
Merit Badge Workbook
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This workbook is meant to help you prepare your answers before completing the
requirements online. The answers you write here will not be counted towards your
requirements, only the online version will be counted. The online Merit Badge Workbook
can be found at aplusfcu.org/bsameritbadge.
Answer these questions after you’ve completed your 13-week budget and spending
requirement. Answers must be at least three sentences.
Total up your spending and income for the past 13 weeks.
a. How did your Budgeted Amounts compare to the Actual Amounts you spent
and earned?
b. Using your Actual Amounts Budget, subtract your expenses from your income.
What do you get?
c. If your number is negative, what steps could you take to decrease expenses,
increase income, or both? (Answer this question regardless of what your results
d. If your number is positive, what could you do with the excess money? (Answer
this question regardless of what your results were).