CH 16 Rdg ?'s

Acid – Base (CH 16/17) AP Chemistry Review Questions
1. Compare and Contrast 3 Models of Acids and Bases
2. List six equations used in the pH scale
3. List all strong acids and strong bases
4. Write and equilibrium reaction and expression for
a. Weak acid HClO2
b. Weak Base (CH3)2NH
5. List two equations relating Ka and Kb
6. Define the common-ion effect
7. Predict an increase or decrease of pH in the following situations
a. Mixing Ca(C7H5O2)2 and HC7H5O2
b. C5H5NHNO3 and C5H5N
8. Consider buffer solution HC7H5O2 and NaC7H5O2. Write reactions for
how the buffer solution reacts to the addition of strong base KOH and
strong acid HCl.
9. List the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation.
10.In general, list the reaction that happens in an acid-base titration.
11.Define equivalence point.