PreLab Review

CHEM 1030L
Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory
Pre-lab Review - Experimental Design Week 2
Prepare for Laboratory
1. Review the following textbook section(s)
1.2 – Scientific Method: Thinking Like a Scientist
10.1 – Acids and Bases
10.2 – Strengths of Acids and Bases
10.5 – The pH Scale
10.6 – Reactions of Acids and Bases
10.7 – Buffers
2. Review the Lab Procedure and other documents posted online.
3. Be able to work the following textbook problems.
Acids and bases: 10.1
Strengths of acids and bases: 10.15
pH: 10.37
Acid-base reactions: 10.45, 10.47
4. Be able to summarize the purpose of the experiment.
Two or three sentences summarizing what you will do, what you expect to learn, and what
chemical or scientific principles you expect to understand better. Imagine what you would tell
your roommate over a breakfast of Pop-Tarts about what you will be doing in lab that day.
5. Know and be able to do the following.
a. Define the following terms (the glossary/index at the back of the textbook may be helpful)
 buffer
 acid
 base
 enzyme
 neutralization reaction
 solute
 molarity
 dilution
 biofuel
b. Identify steps in the scientific method (textbook section P.2).
c. The names and formulas of the three reagents used for chemical pretreatment.
6. Example questions
a. Write the name or formula of the following compounds in the corresponding blank.
sulfuric acid
b. Write the definition of a buffer.
c. Write the definition of an acid.
d. Write the definition of a base.
e. Write the definition of an enzyme.
f. Briefly describe the scientific method.
g. Draw a diagram that shows the steps of the scientific method and how they relate to each
h. Write the equation used to calculate the concentration of a diluted solution.
i. Name the three reagents used for chemical pretreatment.
j. Name the two types of mechanical or physical pretreatment that will be used.
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