Chapter 18 - Angelfire

Ezra Trujillo
P.4 -- CP Chem
Chapter 18 Outline * Section 1-2
1) Defining Acids and Bases
a. Properties of A/B
- Acids react to metals,
bases don’t
- Acids are sour/tart, bases are bitter
- Acids burn flesh, bases are slippery
- Both are very conductive (electrically)
- Can be differentiated with ‘indicators’
- They can neutralize each other
b. The Arrhenius Definition
- Acids dissolve water to make hydrogen ions, bases
will make hydroxide ions.
c. The Brønsted-Lowry Definition
- “An acid is any substance that can donate H+ ions”
- “A base is any substance that can accept H+ ions”
2) Determining the Strength
a. Strong & Weak Acids/Bases
- Affect the amount of water an acid could dissociate
b. The Acid/Base Dissociation Constant
- Similar to Keq but with the acid/base defining it.
Found the same. Above 1 is strong, below it is weak.