Did Hitler come to power through his own actions or

Did Hitler come to power through his own
actions or because of other things that
Essential Germany (purple book) – pages 36-44 (also look at page 5)
Weimar and Nazi Germany by Lee (blue-green) pages 6-9 and 23-38
Germany 1918-1945 by Grey and Little (orange) – pages 20-21, 30-32
Germany 1918-45 by Radway (red)- pages 14-17 and 24-25.
Germany 1918-1945 by Lacey and Shephard (white) – pages 44-61
Weimar and Nazi Germany (A-Level core text) by Hite and Hinton (dark red) –
pages 99-160.
You need to decide:
how badly the Depression affected Germany
why the Nazis became the largest party
why people lost confidence in parliamentary democracy
and you need to decide
whether the rise of the Nazis was due mainly to
the Depression
Hitler’s personality
Nazi ideas
Weaknesses inherent in the Weimar system
In other words, would the Nazis still have come to power even if
the Wall Street Crash hadn’t happened?
the Treaty of Versailles hadn’t happened?
they’d had a different leader?
they’d had different ideas?