All Hell Breaks Loose

All Hell Breaks Loose
Revelation - Lesson 13
Lesson 13 - All Hell Breaks Loose
Revelation 9:1-21 Questions
Day 1 - Review
What did you find interesting from the commentary notes of last week’s lesson?
What encouraged you from the lecture?
What should you apply to your own life from last week’s lesson?
Day 2 - Revelation 9:1
Revelation scholar Dr. Wilbur M. Smith wrote: “It is probable that, apart from the exact identification of
Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18, the meaning of the two judgments in this chapter represents the most
difficult major problem in the Revelation.” God uses two frightening armies to exact his judgment on the
earth in Revelation 9. John MacArthur states, “Each of the first four trumpet judgments affect the physical
universe in some way, but with the sounding of the fifth trumpet the focus will shift from the physical to the
spiritual realm.”
What did John see in v. 1?
Summarize the following verses to help you determine whom this star might be:
Isaiah 14:12-15-
Luke 10:18-
Note: The word “abyss” is Greek for “pit” and is used 8 times in the Book of Revelation. This is the abode
of demons, the place were Satan is temporarily “jailed”. The “abyss” is not to be confused with the “lake of
fire”, which is Satan’s final destiny.
According to Revelation 1:18, who holds the key to “Hades” or the “Abyss” or “hell”?
Then, how did this star believed to be Satan get the key to the “Abyss”?
Write down a character trait of Satan from each of the following verses:
Zechariah 3:1Matthew 4:1Matthew 13:19John 8:441 Peter 5:8-
Day 3 - Revelation 9:2-6
What did John see in vs. 2-3?
10. According to the following verses, who lives in the Abyss?
2 Peter 2:4-
Jude 6-
11. What was the primary mission of those set free from the Abyss in vs. 4 & 5?
12. Write down phrases from vs. 5 & 6 describing the intensity of this judgment.
13. Verse 4 refers to “those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads”. From the
following verses, write down something meaningful to you about God’s protection for His people.
2 Chronicles 32:8-
Psalm 34:7-
Psalm 91:4-
Psalm 125:2-
Luke 21:18-
14. Which verse from question 13 ministers most to you and why?
Day 4 - Revelation 9:7-12
15. Summarize how John describes the locusts in vs. 7-10.
16. What about v. 11 leads you to believe that John is not seeing real locusts but rather an army from
the Abyss?
17. Many Bible scholars believe that the Old Testament prophet Joel was seeing a similar vision to
that of John’s in Revelation 9. Read Joel 2:1-11 and write down similarities between John and Joel’s
18. What troubles you the most about the judgment described in Revelation 9:1-12?
Day 5 - Revelation 9:13-19
19. What did John see and hear in v. 13?
20. What was said to the sixth angel in v. 14?
21. Does the fact that these bound four angels were released reveal anything about their nature? In
other words, are these “good” angels or “fallen” angels?
22. What was the mission of these four angels in v. 15?
23. How was the mission of these four angels different from the locust’s mission of v. 5?
24. Describe the strength of the troops being lead by the four angels in vs. 16-19.
Day 6 - Revelation 9:20-21
25. List facts that stand out in vs. 20-21. (Remember to use only words from the passage and do not
26. List lessons learned from the facts. (Hint: Look for a command to obey, a promise to claim or a
principle by which to live. What’s being done that is good? What’s being done that is bad? What do
you learn about God?)
27. How might you personally apply these lessons to your own life? (Hint: State your personal application
in the form of a question.)