NAME _______________
DATE ________ HOUR ___
Go to the website:
Click on the green box- Execute virtual earthquake
Read the introduction carefully
Get your quake assignment ____________________________________
Follow the instructions to complete a certificate with data tables and answer the questions
along the way. When completed, print out your certificate of completion INCLUDING
DATA TABLES. Attach to this sheet. (Note- if you do not have data tables you will not
get credit for doing all of this work!)
Answer these questions after completing the activity:
1. How is it determined how big the circles are?
2. How do you convert the S-P wave time into a distance?
3. What do the circles represent?
4. What would be the problem if you only drew 2 circles?
5. Write a step by step procedure, describing how to locate an earthquake epicenter.
(minimum of 4 steps) do not include how to find the Richter magnitude- see #6
6. What 2 pieces of information do you need to calculate the Richter scale magnitude?