Chapter 3—Migration - Mrs. Case AP Human Geography

Chapter 3—Migration
1. Define the following vocabulary words: a) Migration; b) Floodplain; c) Undocumented Immigrant; d) mobility
e) Immigration f) Emigration g) Brain Drain
5. What are intervening obstacles? List examples
6. Describe the difference between the types of migration—international, interregional, intraregional.
7. What is forced migration and how does it occur?
8. Who was Wilbur Zelinsky? What theory did he come up with?
9. Who is most likely to migrate and why? What are the families of migrants like?
10. What is the main pattern of migration in the world?
11. What are the 3 main eras of immigration in the United States?
12. What was the first peak of European immigration into the US like? Where were they from?
13. The second peak? Where were they from?
14. The third peak? Where were they from?
15. What was there about Europe's Demographic Transition that forced out people?
16. Identify the push and pull factors that caused the Europeans to migrate to the US?
17. What diffusion occurred of culture from abroad?
18. What has recent immigration in the US been like?
19. Where have the people come from and when? Where are immigrants going once they are here?
20. What is illegal immigration like here?
21. What are quotas, and how have quotas changed over time in the US?
22. What are guest workers? Where are guest workers most utilized in the world?
23. What is the difference between a refugee and other types of migrants?
24. What happened with Cuba?
25. What happened with Vietnam?
26. What cultural difficulties do migrants face in the United States?
27. Why do people move around within a country?
28. How has the US population shifted? What has happened in the south? The west?
29. In Russia and the former Soviet Union, where have migrants moved?
30. What about in Brazil?
31. In Indonesia?
32. In Europe?
33. What is urban migration like? What patterns are there in urban migration?
34. Why does counter-urbanization occur?