History Alive Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Native Americans
• Objectives
I can:
• trace the migration routes of Native Americans to
North America.
• list eight cultural regions into which scholars have
divided Native Americans of the contiguous United
• identify environmental factors that promoted
cultural diversity among Native American groups
• describe cultural adaptations made by Native
Americans living in each cultural region.
The Native American’s: Vocabulary
• Migrate – To move from one place and
establish a home in a new place. A move of a
large number of people is called a migration,
and the people who move are called migrants.
Some animals also migrate, usually with the
Cultural Region
• An area in which
a group of people
share a similar
culture and language.
• All of the physical surroundings of a place,
including land, water, animals, plants and
Natural Resources
• Useful materials found in nature, including water,
vegetation, animals, and
Southwest Waterfall
Great Plains Buffalo Hunt
A people’s way of life,
including beliefs,
customs, food,
dwellings, and clothing.
Beringia • The land bridge created
30,000 years ago during
the most recent Ice Age.
The forming glaciers
caused the level of the
sea to drop, and a route
From Asia to
North America
opened up.