Early Settlement Notes

Name: _________________________________________________ Period: __________
U.S. History – The Early Colonial Settlements – Plymouth, Roanoke, and Jamestown
Roanoke Island (Lost Colony)
—____________________________________________ asked Queen Elizabeth of _____________________ if he could lead a
group of people to begin a colony in the _______________.
—Queen Elizabeth gave Raleigh a ___________________ (a document that allowed colonists to live on land
owned by their country.)
Roanoke Island (1st Time)
—In _____________________, the first English people tried to begin a colony.
—This became the __________________________ colony in the ____________________.
—It failed due to _________________________ and __________________________ with the _____________________________.
—All but _____________________ men went back to England on a ship.
Roanoke Island (2nd Time)
—In ____________________, Raleigh sent colonists a second time.
—The _________________ men that had stayed behind the 1st time had been ______________ by then.
—___________________________ was the colony’s ___________________________________.
—This time, the colonist brought their _____________________ and _____________________________.
—John White’s granddaughter, ____________________________________ was born 1 month after they arrived in
the USA on August 18 the _____________________________ baby born in the USA.
Spanish Armada
—In 1588, ___________________________________ decided to attack England.
—The English __________________________ the all powerful Spanish Armada because they had _________________
ships and a violent storm helped destroy the Spanish ships.
The Lost Colony
—___________________ returned in August 1590 to find no colonists on _______________________ Island.
—On one of the trees was written _____________________________.
—___________________________ was the name of an island nearby as well as the name of the Native Americans
living in the area.
Ending the Good Relations with the Native Americans
-Because the 15 men had been _______________________ by Native Americans, John White decided that they
should pay the Native Americans back.
-He ordered his men to attack the the _____________________________ since supposedly, they were the ones who
had killed the 15 men.
-However, they instead attacked the ___________________________ Native Americans who had been their
friends and helped them. After the battle, the _______________________ were ___________________.
-This forced John White to have to go back to England for more __________ and ______________________.
Jamestown Colony
—In 1606, _________________________________________ gave permission to the Virginia Company of London to try
a _______________________.
—____________________________________ led the three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery to
—On May 14, 1607, the settlers began building the first English permanent settlement on the
—Jamestown was named after the ___________________________________and Virginia was named after the
Reasons for Jamestown Difficulties
—Not ______________________in how to plant __________________ in Virginia.
—Little knowledge of Virginia ____________________________.
—Not enough people in the Jamestown settlement especially _________________________________.
—Native American ________________________
—___________________________________ was used in every part of life, from ________________ and gathering food to
children’s ___________________.
—Weapons Coins
—Food Supplies
—The animal bones from food supplies found in a pit dating back before 1610 showed that the 104 men
and boys who landed at Jamestown survived primarily on ____________________ and ________________________!
John Smith
—_________________________________ was the leader of the colony.
—He was saved by ________________________________, a Powhatan Native American.
—Smith was a hard leader but his ___________________________ is what kept the colony _________________.
John Rolfe
—John Rolfe in 1614 found a way to harvest ________________________.
—This quickly became the ___________________________ of Virginia.
—He also married _________________________________ in 1614 and thus created peace with the Powhatan
Native Americans for 8 years.
—_________________________________________ were brought to the USA for the 1st time.
—The first time the House of Burgesses met. (Government)
—1620 ___________________________ Came to the colonies.
Plymouth Colony
—The King of England, _____________________________ rebelled against the ________________________ Church and
started his own Church called the _________________________________.
—These people became known as _________________________________.
—In 1620, _______________________________ decided to take the ________________________ and settle in the USA.
Pilgrims at Plymouth
__________________________________ was the leader of the colony.
Before landing, they wrote an agreement called the _____________________________ This was the first English
_________________________________ in the USA.
They settled in Cape Cod/New England.
Native Americans of New England
—The Native Americans had a _________________________ or leader.
—Massasoit was the leader of the Wampanoag.
—Squanto and Samoset helped the ________________________ survive the first hard years.
—______________________________________, The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to a _______________ feast to
_______________ them for helping them make it through a difficult year.
—The first national Thanksgiving was in _________________ for the 13 colonies.
—George Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving in __________________.