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Social Studies 7-
Protestant Reformation & Colonization Review Sheet
1. What was the Protestant Reformation? Who was behind it? Who were the Puritans and the
2. Know King Henry VIII. Why did he split with the Catholic Church? How many children did he
have? In what order did they rule? Which wife had which child?
3. Why was Jamestown important? What allowed the settlers at Jamestown to persevere (syn. carry
on) through hard times?
4. Know about the Plymouth Colony. Why was it established? Who was their leader? What was the
Mayflower Compact? What circumstances led to the Pilgrims coming to North America?
5. Know the origins of all of the 13 colonies. Who was the leader of each colony? Know what group
of people settled in each colony. Know your important facts.
6. Why did people come to the New World? What is mercantilism? Why did England encourage
colonization of North America?
7. What were the Navigation Acts? What was their purpose?
8. What was the Great Migration?
9. What were the beliefs of Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker, and William Penn?
10. Know the map of the 13 colonies.