Review Guide for Mitosis & Meiosis

Review Guide for Mitosis & Meiosis
1. How do prokaryotes reproduce? Name the steps in order.
2. Name the stages in the cell cycle.
3. What happens in the G1 phase?
4. What happens in the S phase?
5. What happens in the G2 phase?
6. Together, the G1, S, And G2 phases make up what major phase in the cell cycle?
7. What are the four phases of the M phase?
8. What is a chromatid? A centromere?
9. What does the kinetochore do in cell division?
10. What is the function of the centrioles in cell division? Of the spindle fibers?
11. Describe what happens in each of the following phases, and draw a cell in that phase.
a. Interphase
b. Prophase
c. Metaphase
d. Anaphase
e. Telophase
12. Describe what happens in cytokinesis and draw a cytokinesis cell.
13. What kind of cell division produces haploid cells?
14. What kind of cell division produces diploid cells?
15. What is the formation of the male gamete called? What is the formation of the female gamete
16. How many cell divisions does meiosis require? Which division is called the reduction
division? Why?
17. During interphase I, what do the chromosomes do?
18. Define:
a. Synapsis
b. homologous chromosomes
c. tetrad
d. locus
19. Define:
a. Autosomes
b. Sex chromosomes
20. What combination of sex chromosomes produces a female? A male?
21. Briefly tell what happens in each of the steps of meiosis. Draw a picture if you want.
a. Interphase I
b. Prophase I
c. Metaphase I
d. Anaphase I
e. Telophase I
f. Prophase II
g. Metaphase II
h. Anaphase II
i. Telophase II
22. Why is genetic variation important? Name three ways it can happen.
23. Define:
a. Karyotype
b. Fertilization
c. Zygote